Network Equilibrium Modeling Subcommittee, ADB30(2)

Subcommittee Chair

Xuegang (Jeff) Ban
Xuegang (Jeff) Ban
University of Washington

Welcome to the Transportation Research Board Network Equilibrium Modeling Subcommittee, ADB30(2). We are sponsored by the Transportation Network Modeling ADB30 Committee.

The Network Equilibrium Modeling Subcommittee encompasses a wide range of problem classes which involve the transportation of goods, persons, vehicles, water, electricity, and data. Traffic network equilibrium models examine the routes chosen by travelers, usually drivers of vehicles, from their origins to their destinations on a transportation network to predict the link flows and travel times. In the vein of our parent committee (Transportation Network Modeling), we have a wide variety of interests from operations research, computer science, economics, and electrical engineering to mathematical modeling and optimization of networked transportation systems. However, we are specifically interested more in network equilibrium, representation of congestion, tour‐based representation of travel, non‐separable travel time-flow relationships, and dynamic network flows, as well as schedule-based transit assignment, capacity-constrained assignment, intermodal trip and tour assignment, integrated travel modeling, evacuation planning, optimal toll patterns, combined distribution-assignment, network aggregation, and efficient assignment algorithms. The Subcommittee aim to encourage discussion among academic researchers and transit companies for more effective exchange, dissemination, and transfer of research into practice.



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