Route Choice and Spatial Behavior, ADB10(2), ADB30(3)

Subcommittee Chair

Song Gao
Song Gao
University of Massachusets, Amherst

Joint Subcommittee of ADB10, ADB30

Chair: Song Gao, University of Massachusets, Amherst

Statement of Purpose

1.  Goal

Research related to route choice, wayfinding, and spatial behavior fall under the activities of several TRB committees: principally ADB10 (Traveler Behavior and Values), but also ADB30 (Network Modeling).  The purpose of this subcommittee is to provide direct support for those researchers and practitioners who are doing work across the areas of route choice and spatial behavior and help concentrate these activities under one subcommittee.

2.  Scope for the subcommittee

Topics within the scope of this subcommittee include the following:

  • Fundamental research on cognition, spatial behavior, and learning
  • Investigating the factors that affect route choice.
  • Multimodal and intermodal route choice
  • Pre-trip and en-route trip planning and wayfinding behavior
  • Microscopic and macroscopic behavioral responses to ATMS/ATIS:  
  • Macroscopic -- in response to wide-spread broadcasts such as VMS, HAR,…
  • Microscopic -- in response to personal information systems such as in-vehicle route guidance systems
  • Route choice as an important dimension to network and activity analysis, including location and destination choice.
  • Development of behavioral models in general or as they relate to network simulation and analytical modeling (TA/DTA) approaches.
  • Approaches to Route Choice data collection.
  • Data needs for route choice model development: simulated versus real-world data
  • Investigation of new developments in the area of choice and learning in other disciplines such as economics, system dynamics, behavioral geography, psychology, and Artificial Intelligence.

3. Activities of the subcommittee

Activities to be undertaken by the sub committee include:

  1. Develop and maintain a Web Site to serve as a clearinghouse for research activities in route choice and spatial behavior
         a)    Identify researchers and practitioners involved in activities related to in RC/SB
         b)    Disseminate information on the state-of-the-practice
         c)    Promote the sharing of data among researchers and practitioners
         d)    Publicize workshops, meetings, and conferences of interest to the RC/SB community
  2. Promote the need for fundamental research on RC/SB
  3. Organize sessions at TRB (preferably joint with related committees)
  4. Outreach to other professional organizations such as IATBR, (Int'l Association for Travel Behavior Research).

Meeting Minutes

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