Transit, Freight, and Logistics Modeling ADB30(1) Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chair

Stephen Boyles
Stephen Boyles
University of Texas, Austin



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trainWelcome to the Transportation Research Board Transit, Freight, and Logistics Modeling ADB30(1) Subcommittee. We are sponsored by the Transportation Network Modeling ADB30 Committee.

The Subcommittee strives to promote advancement of basic and applied research on strategic planning and operations of transit, freight, and logistics systems. Similar to our parent committee, we have a broad interest in applying principles of systems theory, computer science, operations research, economics, and electrical engineering to mathematical modeling and optimization of networked transportation systems in uncertain and competitive environments. We are specifically interested in developing analytical and simulation based frameworks to examine and evaluate existing practices and emerging trends in transit systems, new innovative logistics systems, and their impacts on passenger and freight transportation. The Subcommittee will serve as a platform that fosters discussion among academic researchers, transit practitioners, freight operators and managers for more effective exchange, dissemination, and transfer of research into practice.

Our efforts are in concert with those of a variety of peer committees at TRB and other societies, including:

Please email Dr. Avinash Unnikrishnan (avinashu at gmail dot com) to become a member of the subcommittee

Please contact the subcommittee chair, Dr. Stephen Boyles for information about the activities and meetings of the subcommittee.

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