Stella Dafermos Best Paper Award

Prize Committee Chair: Mark Hickman
Award is in honor of Prof Stella Dafermos and recognizes annual best paper of ADB30.

The Stella Dafermos Best Paper Award is offered annually for the best paper submitted for presentation and publication to the Transportation Network Modelling Committee (ADB30) of TRB. This award is named for Stella Dafermos (1940-1990), one of the most influential early researchers in transportation network modelling. During her career, Professor Dafermos developed new mathematical methods of analyzing congested transportation networks and proposed innovative techniques to find solutions to complex network equilibrium problems. Her research has had a profound and lasting effect on the field of network equilibria and transportation system modelling.

Papers to be considered for this award should be submitted through the normal TRB paper review process. Based on the paper recommendations, candidate papers are nominated by members of the Committee’s editorial board. A separate awards subcommittee then reviews and selects the winning paper. The awards subcommittee will generally consist of four (4) persons, including: the subcommittee chair; one emeritus member of the full committee; one member of the full committee; and one ad-hoc participant from the transportation modelling community at large. The award is made in conjunction with the TRB Annual Meeting in January.


Solving the School Bus Routing Problem by Maximizing Trip Compatibilityg
Ali Shafahi, Zhongxiang Wang, Ali Haghani


Analysis of Advanced Management of Curbside Parking
Zhibin Chen, Zhengtian Xu, Mahmood Zangui, and Yafeng Yin


Heuristics to Improve the Efficiency of the Solution Algorithm of the Path Flow Estimator
Tao Li


How Many Runs? Analytical Method for Optimal Scenario Sampling to Estimate the Variance of Travel Time Distributions in Vehicular Traffic Networks. Jiwon Kim, Hani S. Mahmassani


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